Christine Drummond was born and raised in Brazil.
She received her formative education at the French Lycee in Rio and sees herself a real “carioca”, which means a person born and raised in Rio de Janeiro…
Real “carioca” enjoy life, have faith in their future and are true optimists. These are some of the feelings Christine wishes to bring to people through her paintings.
It’s now been 11 years since she has moved to the US. She started painting in 2000, at first, using brushes, no texture but very colorful artworks, always depicting her native country.
In 2004 she saw a display of Professor Ablade Glover’s work at Chicago O’ Hare International Airport. Seeing this painting helped her to define her instrument of creation…She put down the brushes and started working exclusively with a palette knife. Using it, made her find a sense of freedom : she loves how, with the bold strokes of her palette knife, she creates texture that make shapes and colors become alive on her canvas.
In 2009, one of her wishes as an artist became reality: she had the opportunity to work with Professor Glover and the privilege to paint with him in his studio in Accra.
Today, Christine Drummond’s artworks are shown all over the world.

Discover her studio, her daily work
Welcome to Christine Drummond's Studio

This is a video to show you my daily life in my studio.

You will see the way I paint, a little bit of my technique and most of all the "Carioca" spirit that lives in my heart and that I want to share with you in my paintings.